The municipality of Novi Knezevac

The Municipality of Novi Kneževac is participating in the project as the lead beneficiary. LB is responsible for managing the project and tasks, as well as liaising with the institutions concerned. The Municipality of Novi Kneževac together with the partner KEFE is responsible for the implementation of the project activities and the expected results. Among other things, LB is responsible for preserving and promoting the cultural and historical monuments of the area, as the project also caters tourists. All the necessary resources in the area are ready for success, and the municipality supports the project with a qualified and experienced project team. Project managers who had already worked on IPA projects were involved.

Katolikus Egyetemisták és Főiskolások Egyesülete (KEFE)

The Katolikus Egyetemisták és Főiskolások Egyesülete (KEFE) was founded in 1990. Its basic mission is to develop an open and responsible intellectual identity and to promote the intellectual and cultural development of Christian intellectuals. The association aims to promote the strengthening of Catholic intellectuals through joint programmes with students in higher education. Over the last two decades or more, the Association has sought to awaken and strengthen a sense of responsibility towards society in young people, which will lead them to participate actively in social life and to show solidarity and helpfulness towards the poor. In recent years KEFE has been involved in organising and running national and local meetings. It also participates in professional and theological meetings and conferences. The members of the Association organise camps, sports events and film clubs for young people (e.g. Bácskai Youth Civil Action Week, Szeged Study Days, Unitas Cup). In addition, the Association implements various competitions that strengthen the sense of belonging of the local people. Volunteers were involved in the implementation of the programmes. It has also organised events for Catholic (and not only Catholic) young people in higher education and is a regular participant in national events (e.g. National Catholic University Students' Meeting).