Priority Axis

Enhancing SMEs’ economic competitiveness through innovation-driven development.


The establishment and development of a social entrepreneurship.

Project's Main Objective

Project overall objective is ‘to contribute to the deployment of social innovations for Roma youth informal waste collectors by implementing the principles of cross-sectoral circular economy in a youth social-enterprise format’.

Programme-level Specific Objective for the selected Action

Enforcing the growth capabilities and employment potential of SMEs through the development and adaptation of new technologies, processes, products or services.

The project’s main objective contributes to the programme level specific objective ‘OI/4.4: Rate of persons from vulnerable groups involved in supported actions’. The social status of the young Roma from the NEET (‘Not in Employment, Education or Training’) group will be improved. They will be now in fully legal status and the series of project activities will present this new status to the general public in the border region, including not only the citizens but the very important group of tourists as well, because the Roma waste collectors will work mainly in the downtown. Their economic status will be significantly improved by the income, and the improved economic status will have reflexion on the social status. Also, results of the project activities will have significant impact on environmental situation improvement by using communal solid waste in circular economy.